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The Case

Some more info on the drama Ruthie will be starring in.

The Case (BBC1 14:15 - 15:00 Monday 31st October - 4th November)

Five 45 minute episodes will be aired on BBC2 over the week beginning 31st October. Ruthie will be playing the part of barrister, Valerie along sideTristan Gemmill, Chanel Cresswell, Dean Andrews, and John McArdle.

From the BBC Press Release:

Tony Powell is accused of murdering his terminally ill partner Saskia Stanley in this new courtroom drama for BBC One Daytime. It’s a crime he vigorously denies, insisting it was a case of assisted suicide. A letter, apparently from Saskia, confirms this but a video tape Tony insists they made together is missing.

Tasked to defend Tony is barrister Sol Ridley. It’s his first murder case and he surprises colleagues by appointing pupil barrister Julie Prior as his junior. In chambers, Julie makes the mistake of crossing swords with formidable fellow barrister Valerie and her card is marked.

(Source: BBC)